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The History of the #Anunnaki; Explains Why they came to Earth and What they were after

Spiral Or #Wormhole Appears Over #Mexico


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#Bloomberg “#McDonald’s sales are #declining, so they’re looking for another way to generate #revenues and reach a different crowd,” said Joel Cohen, president of the Cohen Restaurant Marketing Group in Raleigh, North Carolina. Last week, McDonald’s posted its worst monthly same-store sales decline since 2003, hurt by #sluggish demand in the U.S., as well as a food-safety scare at a supplier in #China. Sales at stores open at least 13 months slumped 3.7 percent in August, the Oak Brook, #Illinois-based company said in a statement. Analysts had estimated a 3.1 percent drop. Stock Slide: McDonald’s stock also has been #underperforming its peers. The shareshave dropped 3.7 percent this year, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 Restaurants Index slid 2.2 percent. #4biddenknowledge and they say Internet bloggers and social media posters have no power. We have a voice and we will be heard. Changing the world 1 post at a time!

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The #Annunaki taught humans the secrets of #levitation(#antigravity). You can see this Annunaki #giant in this famous#Sumerian #cylinderscroll that has been analyzed dozens of times by scholars, but the #secret eludes them. You need 4 things to reverse the magnetic polarity in an object.
1. #Magnetic field generator. The Annunaki king is sitting on that device. Notice the Lions on the box facing opposite each other. That represents the opposing #magneticfields.

2. #FieldAmplifier. That’s the technology device in the Annunaki kings hand. He uses that to control and modulate the magnetic field.

3. #Cymatic frequency generator. The #cymatics are the most important. You must place the cymatic frequency directly on top of the object that you want to levitate. You can generate a cymatic frequency using a home stereo speaker and amp. Research cymatics in your free time.

4. A loud #whistle. Notice the 2 men #whistling behind the man lifting the stone table with 1 hand. The whistling tone interacts with the magnetic field and the cymatic frequency and the atoms in the stone table reverse polarity greatly reducing the tables gravitational field.

If you have been following my page for a while, you would have seen a post that I made about my visit to the #CoralCastle in #Miami Florida. It was built in modern times by a 4 foot 11 inch tall man named #EdwardLeedskalnin. He claimed to have rediscovered the secrets of ancient #Egyptian stone building and Stone levitation. He worked alone and could often be heard whistling. Edward used a very similar device as shown above in this post.
All matter in the #3rdDimension can be completely manipulated because matter is only a #frequency condensed into a slower #vibration. Everything is vibration, sound and frequency emanating from electromagnetic waves. (In the beginning was the Word = Frequency and vibration) Let That #4biddenknowledge Marinate. Good night.

Sometimes #opening your #eyes may be the most #painful thing you have to do. #TimeToWakeUp to #4biddenknowledge

When a #photon (usually #polarized #laser #light) passes through matter, it will be absorbed by an #electron. Eventually, and spontaneously, the electron will return to its ground state by emitting the photon. Certain crystal structures increase the likelihood that the photon will split into two photons, both of them with longer wavelengths than the original. Keep in mind that a longer #wavelength means a lower frequency, and thus less energy. The total energy of the two photons must equal the energy of the photon originally fired from the laser (conservation of energy).When the original photon splits into two photons, the resulting photon pair is considered #entangled.The process of using certain #crystals to split incoming photons into pairs of photons is called #parametric down-conversion. Normally the photons exit the crystal such that one is aligned in a horizontally polarized light cone, the other aligned vertically. By adjusting the experiment, the horizontal and vertical light cones can be made to overlap. Even though the polarization of the individual photons is unknown, the nature of quantum mechanics predicts they differ. You can take 2 entangled photons and separate them by infinite distance and when you change the information in one the other photon is changed instantly. This gives the illusion that information is traveling faster than the speed of light, when in reality the information travels instantly because #distance is an illusion. At the most fundamental level #WE are all made of #photons because photons are the basic elements of particles. ALL matter and particles are STILL connected and information can be transferred instantly #bypassing space and time. This is how your meditation & prayer #consciousness syncs with the #SpiritualConsciousness #ChristConsciousness & #UniversalConsciousness #QuantumEntanglement #4biddenknowledge and No„, Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with religion. “Christ consciousness” is a term which means different things to different people. Some use it to mean the same as an ascended being, such as an ascended master or such as us after Ascension.

#Spacetime can be curved through time dilation. #Gravity is a #secondary #force almost a side effect of #electromagnetic #radiation. Every object from the largest #planet to the smallest #creature will slow the rate that time flows forming their own #spacetime. Their own #future #uncertainty. The uncertainty and #probability that forms the #freedom of our every day life. You are not creating reality, but you help to #create your own #realitytunnel. They’re not going to teach you this in school. #4biddenknowledge

Here is my personal reading list. The Manual of Sumerian Texts, The Epic Of Gilgamesh, Mahabharata, The Bhagavad Gita, Plato The Symposium, Emerald Tablets Of Thoth, The Nag Hammadi, Indian Vedas,Torah, Bible, Quran, Books of the Pseudepigrapha: Epistle of Barnabas  First (and Second) Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians  The letter of the Smyrnaeans (also known as The Martyrdom of Polycarp)  The Book of Enoch, The Gospel of Judas (130-170 AD)  The Gospel of Thomas (140-170 AD)  The Psalms of Solomon,  The Odes of Solomon  The The Books of Adam and Eve,  The Acts of Phillip  The Apocalypse of Peter, The History of Joseph the Carpenter, The Acts of Paul (including Paul and Thecla)  The Seven Epistles of Ignatius, The Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians, Books of the Apocrypha:  First and Second Esdras (150-100 BC)  Tobit (200 BC)  Judith (150 BC)  Additions to Esther (140-130 BC)  Wisdom of Solomon (30 BC)  Baruch (150-50 BC)  Letter of Jeremiah (300-100 BC)  Bel and the Dragon (100 BC)  Additions to Daniel, or the Prayer of Azariah (200-0 BC)  First Maccabees (110 BC)  Second Maccabees (110-170 BC). Egyptian Book Of The Dead. The Giza Power Plant,  The Holographic Universe, Consciousness and the Brain, The Sea Wolf, Zecharia Sitchin,: The Earth Chronicles Books 1-7, Exo Vaticana, The Professor Of Secrets, The Art Of War, The Hidden Records, Tesla: The Inventor of the Electrical Age, Taken: Inside The Aliens Human Abduction,  Masquerade Of Angels,  The Hidden Truth: Water and Life On Mars, The Terra Papers. Bringers Of The Dawn, Fingerprints Of The Gods, This is a good list to get you started. #4biddenknowledge

A room without books is like a body without a soul. #SeekKnowledge don’t rely on the Internet and TV as a complete source. If you can’t afford books then go to the book store or library and read the books. Bring a note pad and take notes. Then place the books back on the shelf. My earth mother told me “Anything you want to learn is in a book” RIP Mom, I Love You. Back then there was no Internet, no cell phones, no cable or satellite TV. No personal computers. We had to seek knowledge in books. I’m so happy for that foundation that was established in my life. My next post will be a reading list of books that I recommend. #4biddenknowledge